The Safety Center is a day treatment program for individuals who engage in harmful sexual behaviors.



The Safety Center's top goal is, quite simply, safety - to reduce the probability of harmful sexual behavior to as close to zero as possible. The Safety Center provides close supervision, alarmed doors, and a video monitoring system as well as treating recommendations that impact every aspect of each client's life. A secondary goal is

to create healing experiences that help each client achieve an optimal level of community integration and life fulfillment.



Safety Center is unique in the effort placed on integrating the residential provider, day program, family members and other providers into the therapeutic process to help teach skills, assess progress, and hold each client accountable for dangerous or unhealthy behavior. We think it is essential to release the dynamic power of the client's "system of care givers" into the healing process.


Our Clients

We specialize in treating individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness or low/impaired functioning, whose psychosexual disorder puts their ability to safely live in the community at risk.


Client Statistics/Recidivism

Our clients purport an average of seven prior victims, 82% have been diagnosed with a personality disorder, and 78% have failed out of one or more previous treatment programs. Since starting our program seventeen years ago, we have only had one additional conviction for indecent exposure.