Treatment Program

The Safety Center is a day treatment program for individuals who engage in harmful sexual behaviors. We emphasize community safety, collaboration, and communication in our Relapse Prevention model which works to integrate the dynamic healing power of our clients' "system of support givers" into the healing process.


Our treatment program emphasizes integrating residential, occupational, and psychiatric services into a comprehensive, around the clock, model of relapse prevention treatment. We work with Level 1, 2 and 3 sexual offenders, offenders on probation, and non-adjucated offenders. Multiple interventions work together to promote the relapse prevention process and to create genuine healing experiences
and change.

* Group counseling focuses on the acquisition of re-offense prevention skills and healthy   peer interactions.

* Non-traditional family therapy integrates direct care providers into the therapeutic process   and encourages a home environment that promotes healthy choices. 

* Experiential socialization, recreation and occupational therapeutic experiences give   clients opportunities to practice re-offense prevention skills.

      Steps to reoffense

Program Phases

Safety Center program phases include:

* Accountability
* Identifying triggers
* Developing stoppers
* Developing empathy
* Contracting, committing to, and practicing a healthy sexuality plan
* Completion and aftercare

Each phase requires that clients meet certain behavioral criteria outside of day treatment, integrate therapeutic principles and demonstrate a commitment to their use.